Forensic Museum of Bangkok – Toys and Twins

One of the interesting things about the forensic and anatomical museums of Bangkok is the display choices that have been made under the guise of preserving objects for research. For example, the postcard sized strips of human skin with tattoos from a multiple homicide. Fascinating, but not really necessary for medical research…..

A small number of the preserved corpses of children have become known as places where toys are left by visitors to appease the spirits that surely linger nearby (see the video clip).

One modest display of particular interest was of the tools and instruments used during the autopsy of King Rama VIII.

You can find more information about the Forensic Museum at Jim Algie’s site (author of Bizarre Thailand):


3 replies to “Forensic Museum of Bangkok – Toys and Twins

    1. I attended Jim Algie’s launch event for that book. He gave a very entertaining presentation as you know, and I am looking forward to reading his book of short stories soon. Sriraj Hospital actually has about 8 small museums of which the Forensic Museum is the best known – exploring them all would make an interesting day out. Unfortunately the “Museum of Prehistoric Laboratories” was closed on the day I was there, so I feel a need to go back and check out what that is all about!


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