Forget Henry and Gop for a bit. What I think of Bangkok Beat – A Book Review by Kevin Cummings

Bangkok Beat book review – a thorough run-down of what’s inside:

Thailand Footprint: Impressions left by the books, people, places and music of Thailand and South East Asia

gop-bbframe (1)Final

For the first time ever I read Bangkok Beat as the paperback book it now is. I read it from cover to cover in two sittings. That surprised me. I thought it would be the type of book you can skip around in – it is, but I didn’t and it reads well, cover to cover. I could be biased.

BANGKOK BEAT ebook cover 8june2015 border2500 (1)

Here is a list of what I liked about Bangkok Beat:

1. The cover. I cannot say it too many times. It’s brilliant. The idea was mine but the talent is all Cotterill. A shout out to whoever did the cover art for Bangkok Days by Lawrence Osborne. I sent it along to Colin with the instruction: “I want it to be like this, only different, with the Checkinn99 sign in the center. Chris Catto-Smith and his wife Mook can be seen in the tunnel entrance. I like that too.

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