Klashorst-Moore Event: Artist-Author interview

At the Check Inn 99, in the new Soi 11 venue, the artist Peter Klashorst and author Christopher Moore were present to take questions about their video interaction “The Impatient Artist”.

A catalogue of the artist's work is shown
A catalogue of the artist’s work is shown

In the film, Christopher puts questions to Peter while the artist works on a portrait of the author.

Klashorst signs a copy of the catalogue
Klashorst signs a copy of the catalogue

“How do you get into the flow of painting?”

“You have to become like an animal, a painting animal.”

Peter Klashorst and Chris Gatto-Smith
Peter Klashorst and Chris Catto-Smith

“I’m waiting to die. I’m on a path to death. But death is too abstract an idea for me to deal with. Maybe it’s because I’m not a conceptual artist that the idea of death doesn’t exist for me!”

Peter Klashorst and Lawrence Osborne
Peter Klashorst and Lawrence Osborne

“I don’t care if fifty-thousand people are looking at my pictures online or if one person is looking – I would still be painting.”

Peter Klashorst and John Fengler
John Fengler and Peter Klashorst

“Your whole life is one big sausage, and each painting you make is one slice of that sausage.”

Klashorst signing catalogues
Klashorst signing catalogues

At the end of the presentation Christopher and Peter discussed how well the evening had gone.

The end of the evening
The end of the evening



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