The Salt Lake Café of Maeklong

Samut Songkhram province is well known for the salt farms that can be easily seen along sections of Highway 35 South-West of Bangkok. There is now a café where travelers can stop for a rest while learning more about the salt farming processes: Salt Café de Maeklong.

Salt Lake de Maeklong

Either traditional wind-driven pumps or modern electric pumps are used to fill the different salt fields and then evaporation removes the water.

Traditional wind-driven pump next to a modern electric pump

A range of sites and activities are available to show each step of the salt production process.

Areas of interest around the Café de Maeklong
Areas of the salt farm

With so much white salt everywhere, they have chosen to go with a year-round Christmas theme by making salt-snowmen of all sizes.

Salt-men disguised as snowmen

This is an interesting pit stop at any time of year, but especially so when the harvest season is taking place and the salt roller cars can be seen in action.


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